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        50. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

        honestly i think there is a second ee but i honestly dont think any1 has ever really tried the right things to do.. the laundromat door that dont exsist anymore ps3 cant see it .... But maybe we need to check the colors on the computer in the power room maybe them colors will lead to a second ee or cont. maybe we need to get all perks with the power fan or maybe in a certain order???  also  have we maxed out the point drop in the bank and let it dissapear ..is there a max of how much points you can share ? we know you are allowed so many points to carry on a player but have we tried to put that max amount  in the money drop in the bank and let it dissapear ? im talking 250k is bank max   this can all be bullshit but i  believe these 2 things can maybe help or atleast try ?

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          51. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

          Anyone try to EMP of semtext the 2 broken T.V.s above and in the laundromat?

          Just a thought..

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            52. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

            So upon rereading this again I seem to have missed the obvious.  What if op isnt lieing with the statement:


            This is where things were really creeping me out, the power randomly turned off. Yet all of us were under the pylon, so we were at this time very freaked out. I sent a friend to check it out, and when he got there the power was off as we expected, turned it back on again and he ran to town.

            What if the op actually did, that game trigger the 4th orb causing at this point the power to go off.  Leading us then to the morse code:

            Go to the light

            Stay close to me

            Energy can only be transformed


            Anyone with the easter egg done, or OP if he responds attempt this again, tell me if you noticed a certain orb already lit up, I think there is more to it then just shooting a door.  The question is what?

            P.S.  Morse code means no audio files or sound bytes, so its a nice way to tell everyone who backdoored moons EE to shove it.


            I have just tried rereading every one of jimmy's tweets, and all of them when now placed in the past make sense.  Especially about the rank, does he give a formula, no.  But he gives you its basics.


            "Seriously, some of you are making great progress, keep it up! The rest of you might want to run faster. And no, I will never tell."


            That is the only one that does not make sense still.  But it does state at the end as he states multiple times, he wont give the answer to some when others don't want the answer, as it would ruin the game for them.  So even in cryptic I don't think you'll find an answer.

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              53. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

              After 8 or 9 days in a row playing, I've yet to get an orb.

              I've got the box orbs multiple times, taken whatever pops up, tried a slew of things to get the floating orbs to spawn.

              I have been playing Solo, exclusively, so perhaps I need to jump in-game with a few others.


              Obviously, the OP was doing Rich's EE, since the power turned off after completion.

              I do like the idea of any sort of next step involving getting 4 orbs to appear, thus prompting an overload of the power system, causing it to shut down. Going to the light does seem to suggest the Power Station. It's easy to speculate what the next step would be after that, as there would be all sorts of things to try if what he's saying actually happened as a prompt. If the orbs shut down the power, I would assume that you would not just turn it back on. Maybe kill "Him" in the power station after the power shuts off? Maybe kill zoms for 115 in the power room to gather energy that way?


              IF this is a real deal, how would that play into doing Maxis' side along with the orbs? Would the power turn on automatically after staying at the Pylon post-EE (which I think would inhibit his ability to communicate with us)?


              I don't recall if the OP gave many more facts, but it would be nice to know how many rounds in they were when the power 'turned off'. I'll double back and check.

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                54. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                I think the power turning back on would be a plausible theory. I don't think it will be killing zombies though, I think the jet gun would be the next best answer, transform into heat energy.  Then again I know this was stated in the past, the upgraded five 7's, (Ultra and violet i think?)



                But the first solution is to figure out the orbs,

                Killing zombies underneath?

                shooting a certain gun?  115?

                Match orb in box to orb color?


                Electric trap?

                Jet gun?

                Kill the avagadro under each one?  With each character at a certain spot?

                Has anyone seen a correlation between character and orb?

                Do you have to have blue eyes on your rank in order to see the orb?




                Another random thought, has anyone tried opening all turbine doors at the same time while having pack open?


                P.S.  If anyone can manage around my work schedule and would like to redo the easter egg with me on my new account add NexEstFatum.  I Work 12:30 am - 10:30 am Tuesday thru Saturday, and 9 pm - 9 am saturday and sunday into monday.

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                  55. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                  Pretty sure all turbine-able doors have been simultaneously opened as an attempt towards 'something'.

                  Not sure if attempted while PaP is open though... Connecting all the dead-door circuits?


                  I did not see any orbs (box or floating type) until I had blue eyes, as of late--- which did in fact take 8-10 days to get back after not playing for a long time btw; doesn't that mean that they don't in fact show how many days in a row you've been playing? It just = commitment--- I did see the orbs in the past, prior to completing the Tranzit EE, while playing with others that had completed the EE.


                  I have noticed that the box orbs I recently got were character specific, meaning, the characters b*tched about certain guns as they came up, and when the orbs arrived, the character I would be playing with was very pleased; more or less by saying so.


                  I'll keep trying stuffs, and reporting stuffs.

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                    56. Re: Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

                    I love ppl are still working on this i kno jimmy is a bit trollish and difficult w clues but i honestly keep looking back at his pic post of the fire place and caption help what shld i do and i might be wrong but that is exactly the fireplace in cabin other than bowie knife and jet gun piece what else cld happen? or need done ive jg the hell outta it and nothing ideas?

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