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    I feel like I'm being punished for buying a Xbox One.

      These are some of the reasons that I feel that I should have stuck with my Xbox 360.(Now just so people understand, these are things that will hopefully be fixed by updates and just time, but are annoying in the beginning.):

      • None of my friends have a Xbox One or will be getting one soon.
      • I can't play TellTale games like The Walking Dead: Season 2 or The Wolf Among Us.
      • Multiplayer games like Call of duty only have 20,000 people playing it at a time.(That may sound like a lot of people, but it's not. I go to play anything and there is like 500 people playing it and I can't find any lobbies. For example, I wanted to play Squads last night and there was 74 people playing it, 800 something people playing Extinction, and so on. It's impossible to find an open lobby anymore.)
      • I can't even party chat with my friends on Xbox 360. I have to Skype with them or message them.
      • I can't use my Turtle Beaches to chat with people, I have to use that POS headset or my Kinect.
      • I can't use my flash drive to watch movies or TV shows anymore. I have to use Skydrive and there is a lot of loading times in the middle of the show.
      • Every game that I upgraded to an Xbox One version, I have to get all of the achievements over again.(It's a nice extra boost to my gamer score, but it's boring doing the same thing twice.)
      • Have to click on each individual achievement in the achievement list after you get them to see what you did to get them.
      • Can't view the hard drive to delete items.(Have to go to each individual item in the game store to delete stuff for it.)
      • Can't play any Arcade games that I bought on my 360.(For example, I bought the new WSOP Full House Poker 2 weeks before I got my Xbox One and now I can't play it.)

      List of things that are nice about the Xbox One:

      • Better graphics.
      • Simpler Dashboard.
      • 10x bigger friends list.
      • Smart glass on my ipad is amazing.(Can go to type a message on my Xbox One and then break out the iPad to type the message. I can use my iPad as a controller to my dashboard. Anything that I can do on my dashboard with my controller, I can do with the iPad. Only thing bad about Smart Glass is if my girlfriend gets a hold of the iPad, she can mess with me while I'm playing my Xbox One. For example, I'll be playing Call of Duty and then all of a sudden Netflix, Skype and Internet Explorer all open at once on my Xbox One and I look next to me and my girlfriend is laughing her ass off. Grrrr.)

      That's about all I can thing of right now. If I think of anything else I will update this post, but as you can see, I think I should have stuck with my Xbox 360. Yes the Xbox One is shinier, but be ready for a lot of disappointments as well.