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    Looking for active players on all systems and looking to expand

      Our Clan name is Pinecrest Posse (4PCP)we are lvl 10 currently and we have 22 members.  We are looking for more active players to join so we can get more parties going at one time or at all different times.  We are also looking for players when they get on the first thing they do is invite other clan members to join there party so we can rank up and get more wins in the clan wars.
      Leader is Matty5589 psn him or friend request him
      We would like if you had a k/d above a 1.00 but if not we always look to see how well you play the objectives also. Mic is not required at all. But if you have one that is great also.
      Also even if you are in a smaller clan you can bring your clan and join ours also just psn Matty5589 for more information if you would like any.  If you are on xbox send a invite via the clan app or message me on here and i will add you