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    {PC} Free Agents

      This thread is for every PC free agent that is looking to gear up with a clan weather it be just for fun, to get together to dominate clan wars, or want to just be apart of something bigger then just the game. If this sounds like what you have been looking for then this thread is the best start for you. All you have to do is follow the simple guide lines that are listed below. These guide lines are in place to make this process faster and easier for you. Plus it will help keeping the thread clean so that clans can get to reading your post as fast as possible.

      • Only one(1) reply from each free agent.
      • Make sure to include in the reply your Gamer Tag(GT).
        • Some other info that you should reply with is your Kill / Death(K/D), Win / Lose(W/L), when you are able to play, for how long, describe what you are looking for in a clan, and how to get in touch with you.
      • When you do get picked up by a clan please remove your reply from this thread to free up space for new free agents. It will also show that you are no longer a free agent and so you wont keep getting messages from clans that are still actively looking for new members.
      • Spread the love and make sure everyone knows about this thread.
      • Have fun...

      I hope that this will help make things a little bit smoother around here for both free agents and all of the wonderful clans, including my freshly new but excited to grow team

             See you on the battlefield thanks,

                                 {XboxOne} OneBattlefield

      ** If you are already apart of a clan and are wanting to recruit one of these free agent please do NOT reply in here, that would defeat the whole purpose of this thread. **