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    Same questions being asked repeatedly..


      Question - Why don't we have a couple of sticky threads highlighting known issues or FAQ's for the most popular questions /topics.


      Seems like a no brainer to me ,

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          Totally agree mac.

          On the Psn store issue - I guess Acti do not want to step on Playstations turf. Don't want to speak for them on their issues.

          Must be highly frustrating for those on the PS3/4 - they seem to be getting the run around from Acti and Sony.

          Would also like to see a sticky with a comprehensive list of Port numbers ( both platform specific and Ghosts).

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              psn store issue is a classic example, sony know the issue is with there system but will direct people here for answers .


              Same with port numbers / correctly setting up each console Activision have somewhat useful guides made that the aa peeps link to if they were all link in one handy faq at the top of the forum instead of having to direct people to another part of the site that many dont know wexists as they 1st port of call is this forum

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                  Yep - I think the "how to get rid of lag" Acti link could be improved. Don't understand having "create a Static Ip" as the last suggestion. Surely it should be suggestion number 1. As you say many forumers don't even look into the Acti Knowledge Base. Currently, if a gamer has no clue on how to set a Static IP - I suggest ringing their modem support or direct them to a guide on Port Forward. Com.

                  Sometimes I even link gamers to the Elagaphant for some good reading


                  Some well written stickies would be a welcome site.

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                Yeah its pretty annoying seeing the same 4 or 5 things being asked, especially sine they've been addressed by not just the support people here but the devs in interviews. I mean, it was clearly stated that not everyone would be on dedis, and that theater mode would not be returning, nor would it be added in later.


                And on at least 1 thread I saw about an issue, a lot of people were saying that they were having the same issue, and a support person told them all to make separate threads...

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                  Hello maccabi,


                  Don't think that this isn't a possibility! This is an idea we've been throwing around the office for some time now. As time goes on and we continue to fine tune our process's, this is something I would like to eventually start doing.


                  In a nutshell, we'll definitely try to get something like this done in the future.




                  ATVI Support