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    Ran into 3 different hackers in FFA, 3 games in a row! PATCH THE HACKS, PLEASE!

      Before I could play in a FFA match seeing no hackers at all.

      Now I join 3 different FFA lobbies and saw 3 different hackers in each lobby.

      I reported them and backed out of the lobby.

      Hackers are everywhere on this game and no one is stopping them.


      COD is about to feel the backlash of the community when the Ghosts 2 takes a major hit in sales based on the Ghosts 1 hacking problem.


      Had I known about this hacking problem beforehand I would have NEVER purchased COD Ghosts.

      Never saw any hackers on Black Ops 2.

      Wish I spent my money on BF4 instead.

      Not trying to be rude or anything.

      That is just how I feel right now and I am sick of all the hacking.

      I have someone on my friends list who STILL HAS GOD MODE that a hacker gave him on his non modded system.

      I reported him awhile ago and still no reset or ban.

      So I know the report system is NOT working lmao.

      I really want to enjoy Ghosts but it gets harder to the more often I run into hackers.

      Just wish Activision would patch the hacks in a future patch.

      God Mode, invisibility, all perks, minigun.

      Those need to get patched up as soon as possible.

      Since I am stuck with the $120 worth of digital hardened edition content would be nice to see the hackers taken care of.

      Please listen to your customers Activision and patch things up.

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