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    Whats up with the horrible weapon balancing?

      Am I the only one who thinks the AR's are WAY OP? I usually play as a sniper, and multiple times I would get a hitmarker on someone halfway across the map and he'd just turn around and kill me instantly with his AR! The AR's need a big recoil nerf. They have way too little recoil. HOWEVER this wouldn't be a problem if you didnt die in 2 shots with every AR -_-. Also the SMG's are way underpowered. Each SMG has quite a bit of recoil and they take atleast 3 shots to kill someone at close range.



      So what im trying to say is that the AR's overpower everything. They overpower the Snipers in long range and they overpower the SMG's in short range. Thats just stupid and it should be fixed -_-