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    Guns are different on ps4

      OOk my most used weapon is the mr-28 marksman rifle have well over 2000 kill and it's gold so I know the gun pretty well. The the only decent marksman rifle on ps3 all the others have way to much recoil. So jumped on the ps4 tonight and the recoil is crazy on the mr-28 really hard to get long range kills due to the recoil so tryed the mk14 was useless on ps3 and it still has bad recoil on ps4 but it's not as bad as the mr-28. So has the gun been patched ? I don't see how they could make guns different from ps3 to ps4 but it's 100% got more recoil tonight, I would be better using the honey badger for across the map battles as it's got zero recoil