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    What's Your Opinion Of Origins?


      Hello Zombie fans (and MP fans who play Zombies to pass the time), this has probably done before but ah what the hell. What's your opinion on the Black Ops 2 Finale, Origins? I know some people have been disappointed on the map (wouldn't be really surprised because all of Black Ops 2 was terrible, great for that to happen after the abomination known as Modern Warfare 3), but I know there are some people who like this map. As for me I think it was a really great map and one of my top 5 favorites of Zombies if not all of CoD's map on any game mode (then again Zombies is my favorite game mode in CoD). This was the Zombies map I've been waiting for since the release of Black Ops 2. It really reminds me of the greatness of what was the Black Ops Zombies. I love the two Easter Egg songs (Archangel, Shepherd of Fire, Aether). I also love that it brought back my most favorite perk in this game, PhD Flopper. I got gripes on the map lke the Easter Egg but I just want to hear (read) your opinion on this map. Do you like or hate? And why?

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          I'm loving it, the feel of the map is spot on, the guns are great but like mob of the dead it's very 'hoop' heavy and repeatability can be annoying. I found with motd you get set in a long routine that a few months down the road I'd rather play die rise, maybe it's just me but sometimes I just want to set up and kill zombies but with origins there's just so much to do and you kinda need all the extra stuff to survive origins.

          Overall it's awsom but with maps like this they need a simple survival version just for a light break between games.

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            To me, it has its pros and cons. It was, when it comes to gameplay, the best one in BO2. One of the best in Zombies generally (to me, at least).


            It had the original 4, which is awesome. It had the mud that slows you down, which would both be annoying as hell, but also very challenging (better than the lava from Tranzit). But what I really like with it, is all of the features in it. There's so much to do! You have the 4 staffs, which can be upgraded through a challenging task, you have the Iron Fist, which is challenging to get, you can upgrade the Iron Fist, you can get the Airstrike Grenade through a task, you can get the shovel and dig up stuff, you can get the golden shovel, you can get the golden helmet, you can get all 9 perks, and yeah, there's always something to do in this map.


            I love what they did with the staffs. Instead of going for luck on the box, the made it so that you need to go through and get the pieces, in a not-annoying way. The jet gun is pure pain in the @ss to get, but these are just challenging to collect. And even better - there's 4 of 'em! Meaning all 4 players can get one, since each player may only carry 1 staff. But even though we only can carry one at a time, we can still build them, so we can help other players building them. This makes it really fair, and everyone gets happy since there's one for each. And as I said, you can upgrade them through a challenging process, which is a lot more fun than just pack-a-punching them. AND, if you die, or lose the staff in some way, it will just return to the chamber! So you never need to be afraid of losing it.


            And the Panzer Soldat. Man, what a monster. At first, I thought Brutus was a challenge. But he is just a regular Zombie compared to Panzy. When I first fought him, I thought it was stupid and that he was WAAAAAY to OP. But now, he's nothing more than a great challenge. Whenever I hear the warning-sound, I get afraid, because I know he will be scary and dangerous as hell.


            And it has PHD!


            But, Samantha on the other hand, annoys the crap out of me. While playing, I don't hear anything else than "PLEASE, AGARTHA, SECRET, PLEASE, AGARTHA, AGARTHA, AGARTHA, PLEEEASE!!" and it's SOO annoying. I'm unsure about the EE ending, though, since it leaves us with so many questions.


            So all in all - a great map! And if you play with 3 other good players, it's one of the most fun maps to play on

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              When I first played this map I really liked it and there definitely was an element of challenge that was missing from Buried. However, you soon get used to the panzers and they are easy to deal with if you keep them at a distance. And once you're set up and in a rhythm, there are so many open areas to run that it's pretty easy to avoid the robots, with or without the golden shovel.


              What kills this map for me are the repetitive tasks. Not the ee steps, but building the staffs, upgrading them, powering the generators. All these paint by numbers tasks are no challenge but very time consuming. I will revisit most of the BO2 maps at some point. Origins is up there with Buried for me, can't imagine when I'll play it again.

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                I Absolutely loved the way it looked, I enjoy that the start was a little more difficult than other maps, I like that they introduced new mechanics (power generators) and that they didn't suck! This is normally the case. What I dislike about this map the most    Is the staves, I really hate quitting out or dying on purpose, but the WWs give you the ability to go on forever, every now and then I will enjoy a 5hour solo run but rarely do I like to play 3hrs or more on one game, unless figuring out EEs of course. For those who will say 'just don't use staffs' I don't use them. They need to introduce settings or maps that it is difficult to survive for more than 2hours but still retain the fun. Overall I like the map but play it the way I like too not the way3arc intended me to play it lol. (I understand there are a lot of complaints about bugs but they are rare for me )

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                  Its ok, but it takes way too long to get everything set up. I don't want to spend an hour building staves...