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        Got in a game during clan wars and a whole lobby of gold tags.  Don't remember clan, but one of them was on my team.  I backed out in lobby.  Didn't want no part of what they were planning.  Obvious there

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          34 min to take from us 60 points and also make 60 point again in search an destroy?  u gota be kidding me  that means 


          6 points every 2 min?  ajhjahdshkjad let belive they have 2 partys 12 points every 4 mins? xD


          no losing any round?

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            If a clan has 36 members playing in 6 different lobbies, all on the same game mode, it is completely plausible.  That's 36 wins at a time.

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              i said  to be in first  place  that means taking 6 nodes,  these ppl took the the hardest one  in 34 mins, dont worry next time  ill show  you a video  where you will see them  jumping  from 6 point to 24 points  in 15 min xD

              hey  im not stupid  i been playin g for  a lot of  time  and i know  how  clan wars work,  and this is my 1st time  in all the clan wars i detected   the boosting


              to be honest I think  i can accpet  they do it in search in destroy  but when they saw  that we were  taking all the nodes these ppl started boostin even in blizt...   dude bliz t it's so easy they dont need to do it.. :S

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                How big is their clan?

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                  105. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                  I'm not saying that you are wrong man... I was just asking for further clarification.


                  Anyways. If you believe it's a matter of Boosting, please report it to the beachhead twitter account. The guys over there are taking the boosting thing pretty seriously. I've directed their attention to several threads (on and off these boards) and they have responded several times asking if I've personally seen the boosting. I haven't (that I knew about when I did see something fishy, but after reasing up on it, I think I saw it on Jan 2nd, I just didn't know anything about it in order to report it.)


                  I've been keeping my eyes out though.

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                    106. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                    This. ^^^


                    It's not easy for a group of six players to search for a lobby, one that is completely empty, and then try bringing in six teammates to fill the opposing side. I would venture a guess 9 out of 10 times, there is going to be other random stragglers who spill into the lobby. And if even one opponent is a random, there goes that tactic. It won't work. The boosting team has to play out the game.


                    Meanwhile, while the above cheating time has to play out the game, the six other boosting/cheating teammates aren't playing a game. They aren't doing anything. There is an opportunity cost to them just sitting there, waiting to try and fill a lobby.


                    All in all, if a clan is that organized to try the above tactic, they would probably be better off just having all 12 people play normally and win the game. They will most likely score the same amount of points.

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                      107. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                      I think IW is on to the Clan boosting. Our clan comes in 2nd or 3rd every war and we have not won a clan war to date. This last London CW we actually tried to win putting in long days and capturing nodes, only to wake up 5 hours later and all nodes were captured by one Clan. We finished 2nd to these guys and suspected something was going on. We discovered Yesterday that we were awarded Body Count Weapon Camo. Having never won a clan war which is the requirement for this camo, we can only assume that IW stripped that Clan of the win and awarded it to us. The Ap does not indicate that we won, but we did earn the camo. So maybe, just maybe Infinity Ward does care, and is working towards fixing this issue.

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                        108. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                        Body Count rewards were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place clans this war due to MM issues on one of the days.

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                          109. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                          So far, all I hear is complaints.  Valid or not, post a photo and it ends.


                          If you're on Xbox, XBOX RECORD THAT.  If you're on PC, Take a screenshot.


                          A picture/video says a thousand words.


                          Saying on the app (who is uber slow) is going twice as fast, unfortunately means absolutely nothing.  They are going to want hard evidence.  Also, you can help speed up the process for them, because searching a DB for thousands of clans and instances VS specific_clan_01 - then they can shut it down faster.


                          Im just using the same logic I use at my company.  Nobody likes finding a needle in a haystack, this way they can trace a specific clan, see how they did it, and apply the fix.  Everyone is happy.



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