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        USMC-NUT-KRACKER wrote:


        Are you sure about that?

        absolutely, on top of that the clan war robots will scan for clans inviting other clan members into matches , so trying to load lobbies with clan mates for easy wins is now an easy way to get banned from clan wars

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          What I want to know is why the moderators havn't replied to any of these posts! This is obviously a serious issue and they are sitting quietly. What a shame!

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            All the moderators do is moderate the forums and make sure people are behaving and obeying the rules. What you really want is the developers to come on here and comment and that is not something they do. Supposedly they (or a representative for them) reads the forums but they VERY rarely post here in the forums.  It's annoying as there really isn't a good spot to have a 2 way conversation with them...

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              I have known this method of boosting for a very long time now. I'm so glad to find that others have noticed as well. The other method of boosting has been fixed, thank god for Roster lock!!

              (Kicking all clan members for matchmaking then reinstating them all so clans of 50+ were being paired against people like me, clan size of 10)


              Any news yet on an official response to this method of boosting? Activision? Beachhead? Infinity Ward?

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                In the London war I suspected the winning clan of using the 12 man cheat, I report them to Activision , IW and Beachhead. The only response I could get came from Activision, they said that they had forwarded the report to IW and Beachhead and  that justice would be served. Not a peep since!

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                  145. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                  Roster lock is not working. People Joining Clans Can Still earn CP/wins for the Clan. Despite What IW, BeachHead, etc. have said it is not in affect.

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                    146. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                    Lobby boosting clans have not been addressed or fixed, I've seen it for myself by a chance of luck against a clan we're up against this go round. x-X_Unit_X-x has been doing it since this war started...now explain to me how a clan of 22 can take 4 nodes(with a win total needed of over 140 with the nodes they captured) within the first 15 minutes of a clan war, and if they lose a few over night they LITERALLY get them back within minutes. My clan ran 2 teams of 6 capturing TDM(required win total 50), and we won 5 straight games(which put us 10 over) and capped the point within 10 mins of clan wars starting, and by the time we had done that, Unit had capped 3 points...not feasibly possible by any means.

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                      147. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                      I agree that something needs to be implemented to ensure a level playing field for all. Then it remains just a bit of fun win or lose.


                      A team in our clan wars division capped a node in what seemed like minutes and they had to remove the occupying team which means you need double the wins if your clan is starting from zero. We also found out that this team have 27 members when the other divisions clans all have less than 10. Ok that doesn't mean they are all active but it's hard to compete against those odds.


                      My clan were holding 5 nodes for a couple of days then these guys started up and wiped the floor with all of us. In 24 hours they are 60 cp's ahead of us. We're in second place around 70 cp's in front of the third place team. As soon as a node is capped by any other team these guys seem to be able to cap it in very little time.

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                        148. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                        A simple fix to this problem would be to apply a negative point to every clan member who back out of games/dashboards. So zero win points would be awarded to a lobby of 12 members who are in the same clan using the boosting technique. They can track it because they implemented probation in BO2.


                        And for people who get randomly disconnected then it's just tough. I suffer from regular disconnects (every 15 minutes) on some nights due to a sky box interfering with the connection. I would rather a system like this be implemented and I not play for a night or two than see more people cheating on Ghosts.

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                          149. Re: CLAN WARS CLAN BOOSTING PLEASE READ

                          The solution is simple-win + loss - (harshly) but the best man win

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