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    Ghosts - Becoming A Let Down


      With the constant lag issues maybe due to not enough players online from first shipment orders only? , the campers who are nowhere part of the objective mode , the corner sitters who just stay there waiting all match for a few buzz kills also the spawns are absolutely garbage - i die in my killcam twice if they could,  be in a third killcam i would be in there! the amount they put in and who was involved ie EMINEM song trailer the freefall map intro trailer(ive downloaded it still havent played it) i expected a smooth experience plus pay to play  . a few months ago i couldnt wait to play this game now that i have well.... like the title says .

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          For all of the reasons you've listed above, I offer the following:


          1) Sony put $10 in my PSN wallet for buying a PS4.

          2) This past weekend GameStop offered $40 credit for PS4 copies of Ghosts.


          Used the credit to get two $20 PSN cards, added 'em my wallet and spent the $50 total on BF4 premium (aka "season pass")

          Now I'm not saying BF4 doesn't have its issues, but overall it's simply (for me anyway) a much better gaming experience - one where people actually PTFO in, you know, objective based game types.


          Luck to ya

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              LOL wolf PTFO ? BF4? really ?the last time i played that game it was infested with campers , snipers and what other bad examples of FPS players  that were not supporting the objective , just kill whoring to protect their precious K/D.


              has BF fixed the party system yet ?

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              yes as stated by wolf , im a long time cod player and well bf4 is superior in everyway, especially now with party chat there is no need to play ghosts to speak to friends anymore so me and most my friends list switched to bf4.

              Because regardless of what people preach on here ghosts is simply boring.the game mechanics are there but the maps are awful and the way people play is even worse

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                what a bad attempt at a game by infinity ward not saying that mw 1,2 ,3 were great but at least there is not fuking campers every where I know there where campers in mw1,2,3 but not to the level that there is now just a joke. I just don't know how they are going to change the maps and spawning as well there no amount of updates that can fix this game

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                    I'm not sure how people think it is infinity wards fault or problem about campers. it is simply a game style.. not everyone like to run out in the open and make themselves an easy target.. im not saying there's anything wrong with running out in the open with no cover,, in fact I rather like guys like you ,, my kdr goes up,, I win the match,, while you guys cry to infinity ward about someone not running out in the open.. hahahahahhahhaha,,,,,,,,,,, heres a free hint check your corners instead of running aimlessly......  Must agree though this game does have the worst spawn system of any game I've ever played..

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                    I really do feel the same the more I play this game the more I am starting to dislike it.


                    For me its better than Black ops 2 connection wise but no much improvement over all , the hit detection boxes are massive so when some noob is spraying above or outside of your character he seems to be getting hits on you.


                    Many time I have been behind cover and on the killcam hitmarkers are showing up on there screen its like on my screen I barely went red and I died lol

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                      Last night was really bad for me i was peppering the enemy with loads of hitmarkers and doing no damage before dying...yeah its a little better than blops2 but still way off the mark....MW3 still the best game for accurate hitmarking....but sadly you cant get mw3 for ps4 ;(