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    The long and short of the problems.

      So i've been playing call of duty for a while (since 4, so 5 - 6 years then?), and i've noticed this iteration has some issues like all of the previous call of duties have had. Ive decided to compile some that I have noticed personally.


      Let me start off by saying that the game is fun, frustrating at times, but fun. That being stated Ghosts has some inherent multiplayer issues that need to be addressed. I am aware that Ghosts is running on an almost brand new engine from the previous titles ( MW2 to current) but it seems as polished as things are there are a few things that slipped through the cracks that hopefully IW will jump on promptly.


      1. First and foremost, I have noticed that there seems to be some issues with the netcode, This is something i'm not sure if it can be patched, Im aware that Ghosts supposedly runs on dedicated servers, however there have still been numerous times where im running and get a foot or more around a corner and die from being shot through the corner (of a bullet stoping surface such as a corner of a brick building). Hit detection seems to be a problem for me as well, it just seems that bullets do not register as quickly as they have before. The strange thing about this however, headshots are much easier to come by with marksman rifles than they ever have been.


      2. Snipers have absolutely no counter and are for a fact more powerful than they have ever been ( from comparing cod 4 the barret .50 with stopping power was a stomach and up kill, all of the snipers in this game can kill in everything but the feet and hands with one shot , no SP needed. ) In addition the this , there is absolutely NO COUNTER to them. Before in CoD4 there was the option of Stopping Power and Juggernaut. As much as people complained about juggernaut what they didnt understand was that it was the same as having stopping power. Stopping power gives the user a damage increase of 1.25x which means it turns guns that need 3 bullets to kill into guns that need 2 bullets to kill, now, juggernaut gave a 1.25x resistance to bullet damage, which means it would take a gun 3 bullets instead of 2 to kill. This is relevant b/c in Cod 4 you could counter snipers with juggenaut, it would take a SP sniper TWO shots to kill a juggernaut, player. This sounds like alot, however it ended up being the perfect counter to quickscoping.  (inb4 "juggernoob") Now what the playerbase itself didnt understand was if a player was using juggernaut, it took 3 bullets for him/her to kill and enemy also, it wasnt a free health boost, you had to trade the damage you could have had from stopping power (or the stealth from UAV jammer) to be able to take one sniper shot.


      3. LMG's are still just weaker, slower assault rifles. Really theres not much to explain here, they ADS slower, they move slower, they are weaker, and dont have an increased bullet penetration through surfaces.


      4. The Sat/Com system kinda sucks, for those unaware, getting one sat/com doesnt grand you a UAV radar like before, it grants you "eyes on" which means that a friendly player must see an enemy player for him to show up on the map. 2 Sat/Coms simultaneously are needed to have a UAV radar. In a game like Call of Duty where the lone wold rains supreme, this is a bad system. UAV's counter campers,.


      5. Speaking of camping, IED's. These little sachels of absolute death are waaaaaaay too good. They are better claymores. They dont give off red lines like the claymore ( yes they blink but this is easily missed in the atmospheric pollution that ghosts has), they can be anywhere, and they are almost impossible to avoid once tripped. Not only this but they have a spherical blast radius, not a directed cone like the claymores had, what this means is that you cant sneak up on an IED (a fully cooked 9 bang stuns them, but come on, really IW?)


      6. Absolute death you say? you must be talking about the guard dog. Oh yes the Matrydom with legs, that can, and will, very successfully chase you down. go around a corner and knife a guy? not with super dog in the way. Heres a fun fact about the dog, It takes 3 sniper bullets to kill it. (so your telling me rover is tougher than me? bull.) IT CAN TAKE DOWN A JUGGERNAUT. Ive seen it happen quite a few times.


      All in all the game is fun, I just thought i would compile my thoughts about what might need some adjusting and dump them here.