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    This game leave allot to be desired...

      They made it out to be the biggest and baddest yet...the later part might be true!


      Worst game play..who else is getting bored with running the same routes over and over...


      Im on 2nd prestige and afew of my buddies dont even play much anymore because of the $*itty game play..i got a 1.4+ kdr if it means anything..Im no superstar but this game use to bring some good older buddies mind you together afew nights a week and now it just aint the same..although my buddies do not have a positive kdr we still had fun playing the other cod titles..


      Once I saw the guillie suit..I HAD TO HAVE IT !! Now that I got it, I swear I get killed more because its like a chubaka(star wars era) running around...lol


      There is a whole lot more I could say..but when it comes down to it, it just leaves alot to be desired.


      And, one last thing..I know some wil say then go play something else..wel me and my buddies started out on the PS3 SOCOM and then all switched over to the xbox and cod series since socom failed..COD is all we play...we are al married and most of us have kids..so its limited time etc..


      Anyway...blast away, agree or disagree...this game it many thumbs im sure...DOWN





      Or the old PS3...


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          Re: This game leave allot to be desired...

          Have you tried battlefield 4? If you don't have next gen don't bother, but I have been playing a lot of it lately and really like it. I'm not saying its better or worse than ghosts, but its different. Either way I'm sorry to hear you aren't enjoying it. Tbh had I not gotten a next gen console I may have stopped playing too. I can say both games are WAY better on next gen.



          Side note the ghillie suit works well if you use it as intended. Running around in the open isn't what its for. I think it helps quite a bit on my sniper class ( with the proper perks and on the outdoor maps).

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            Re: This game leave allot to be desired...


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              Re: This game leave allot to be desired...

              I wouldn't say this is the "worst yet" when it comes to this franchise. About this time every year people start to say they're bored with it and the last game was better.... It's just the cycle of COD, because yea there's not a lot new here other than new maps and a somewhat changed multiplayer system. And people get this game at launch and play it every day for a month straight....


              It's more or less the same game we've all been playing since COD 4. So naturally if you played the same game for 6 years, yea you're going to get kind of bored with it. I think once the map packs start to come out, Clan Wars improve, and hopefully some of the launch issues that plague every game yearly start to get fixed, a lot of people are going to continue to play. A lot may very well come back. Just my two cents...


              We still don't know what the DLC for this game is going to be. I have my fingers crossed for potentially some new weapons, a few mid sized and smaller maps, and I'm very sure there will be some further Extinction add-ons. That's a lot right there. So maybe in a month or two, some interest will start to redevelop.

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                Re: This game leave allot to be desired...

                Teh title of this thread leaves allot to be desired.





                If you dont like the game dont play it.A few weeks ago I was ready to use it as a discus-then I just tried to stay positive everytime I played and slowly adapted to it and now I enjoy it enough to be playing it everyday.

                I would say this cod  has had the longest adapt period by far for me.

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                  Re: This game leave allot to be desired...

                  For the first tome in any cod game, the ghillie suit is amazing and actually works if you use it right. Yea if you run around like a juggernaut maniac in a ghillie suit, people might notice. Now laying prone in some tall grass on stonehaven with a suppressed marksman rifle, nobody will find u. Also on stormfront in the tall grass with a combat knife and striking like a velociraptor works well too.

                  My only real gripe are these beautiful large maps and no ground war.

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                    Re: This game leave allot to be desired...

                    What the heck is a chubaka?? Google is your friend - use it.


                    I love the game. I enjoy it more than any COD to date other than BO1. It's more difficult IMO than others but that's what great about it. And what's not to love, huge maps, I rarely get killed by overpowered shottys or pistols, very little lag, and we have soldier customization.


                    You just can't please everybody.

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                      Re: This game leave allot to be desired...

                      BO2 is the worst by a mile! and this is coming from a huge Treyarch fan. Sometimes I enjoy this game sometimes I hate it, sometimes I'm bored to tears almost on some of the maps like Siege. Huge maps and the bastardization of the the UAV has really slowed down game play, and depending on the lobby can be extremely boring! Most of the maps are not good. MW3 was awful but I thought the maps were OK, so I don't know how they go from those to these. I also despise scrub friendly items like Tracker Sights and Thermals, they need to go back to the way it used to be, and make players rely on their eyes. I also think dead silence and amplify is really screwed up in this game too.

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