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    Nerf Riley the Wonderdog.

      I know it's CoD where nothing is realistic at all, but please oh please make Riley Mortal. I am tired of shooting him 50 times for him to touch me with his tail (Not even biting me yet, OR TOUCHING ME) and I die. Not just for Wii U either, Mega Riley needs to be nerfed on all platforms. And please, make one knife kill him. So please oh please do the following:

      - Make Riley mortal.

      - Nerf his telekinesis powers of death.

      Other than that, I;m having lotsa fun right now , so I beg of thee, fix thy canine of devastation.


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          I don't have any problems killing the dogs so I can't agree they need a nerf...my problem is squad members. Some, though, have no problem with squad members and have a hard time with the dogs.


          What's amazing to me is how several people have completely the opposite experiences. Inconsistencies like crazy with this series.

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            it takes roughly twice as much to kill as an enemy, since you have to "down" it twice. its a five kill scorestreak, not a real life dog.

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              I don't want him nerfed, but I would like a change.  I would like something to make him show up on radar.  I never hear that mutt growl and I get taken out so many times after I killed his master because I had no way of knowing that he was there.  I've gotten in the habit of shooting Riley from a distance just so he'll come running at me and I can take him out.  But still you can't help it if you go into a room and he's in there.  Maybe he could show up on radar when he growls.  I would like that.  Does recon make him show up?  Or the Oracle?  Cause they should.  I think the same should happen when he growls.  Or if the player that called him in doesn't have off the grid then the dog should show up to.  Just something to notify me when he's there so I can at least have a chance. 

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                I think Riley should just be moved up one or two point as a pointstreak. It just seems if you go against anyone who knows the slightest bit of what they're doing they manage to have a guard dog with them the entire game.

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                  Well... As of the first update we got a while ago which mentioned "A few other issues that Infinity Ward addressed". Those "issues" were for Riley The Wonder Dog. with 2 SAT COMS up, you can now see Riley as a dot like anyone else that runs (4 SAT COMS give you an advance SAT COM which will show Riley as a moving dot like everyone else detected by it). Riley can also be detected by Recon if hit by an explosive. In addition, they slightly lowered his AI intelligence (his reaction may be delayed but it rarely happens). I am not sure if you can see him with an Oracle...

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                    Spacious_Fissure wrote:


                    I think Riley should just be moved up one or two point as a pointstreak. It just seems if you go against anyone who knows the slightest bit of what they're doing they manage to have a guard dog with them the entire game.

                    I don't know.  That's the dilemma I have.  He barely feels like he's worth 5 to me because he's just Martyr-dog when I use him.  He doesn't kill anyone unless they kill me.  Whereas I get actively attacked by him if someone else is using it.  I would rather he just showed up on radar in one way or another.  If they increased the number of points I just wouldn't use him at all.  I would prefer that over leaving him the way he is though.  Maybe they should now that I think about it.  Sentry gun is 7 kills to earn I believe.  And I've gotten 7 kills total with that thing.  As useless as Riley is to me he still does better than that thing.

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                      I get multiple dogs and usually one sentry every match almost. Riley growls to show enemy location, so its not fair to punish me for an earned streak. I get loads of kills with my dogs, often I end the match with one out and another on reserve. Do I kill other peoples dogs left and right? You betcha. As soon as I see them I kill them dead, one bullet stuns them to the point where they dont even move, the key is to get them at a distance. Dont call your dog in until you NEED it. Otherwise it will get mowed down. Wait for three people to pin you down, at the last second call it in and watch it kill two while you kill the third. Play smartly with it. I know its an assault streak but use it defensively. Bring it to the sniper tower on seige and fake it out getting it to bail out and watch it kill two people on the way back to you lol.

                      Its not a living, thinking being. It shouldnt take realistic damage either unless a dog is part of a loadout. Its an earned scorestreak. I deserve kills from using it wisely. And stop thinking its got any intelligence, look at it as like a sentry gun on feet. It will NOT turn around to kill someone directly behind in most cases. It will not save you if rushing into bullets. The message while loading a map says it all, he is my best friend.

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                        I've seen in a final killcam, two people die from a grenade, while the dog that was with one of them is still standing there. I can only kill dogs if they have to run at me from a huge distance, and with the recoil we have with wiimotes, you have to fire constantly, burst shooting at a dog gets you, I mean me killed..

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                          So im thinking maybe riley just isnt good for certain playstyles and setups. Ive gone from a ksg rusher back to slowly circling the map with marksman rifles like i used to on blops1 with the g11. Generally im stalking someone or holding certain areas of the map, and it works well for me. I will admit that riley's a campers wet dream because if i wanted to be a jerk or didnt have any skill, like a lot of the people ive seen reduced to camping against the castle walls in the dark on stonehaven, well lets just say there are a few places you can sit and stare at the ground and let it get kills for you, unless theyre smart enough to toss a grenade your way. There are plenty that arent though.

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