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    Squads is a Great Alternative

      I have read numerous posts on this forum that are quite negative regarding the MP feature of Ghosts, which I understand is not new to any forum.  If you want a fun alternative to MP, I really suggest Squads.  I primarily play Wargame and have found the artificial intelligence ("AI") of the bots to be quite good.  Plus, the bots actually play the objectives!  :-)  The human players are more relaxed and the banter is light-hearted.  I have prestiged one character and I am working on the next.


      I'm a person that remembers downloading the first Doom game on a dial-up modem, although I never played MP until COD 4.  I continue to be impressed with the advances in gaming technology.  Are there other forum participants that find Squads fulfilling as an alternative to MP?  If not, what is it that you don't like about Squads?

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          Re: Squads is a Great Alternative

               I enjoy it myself!  Only played wargame once, I generally do squad assault with my brother.  The AI is very inconsistant though.  One match, it'll be somewhat easy, the next, they seem to know where you are at all times.


              Overall though, I'd have to agree with you that it's a great alternative to get a multiplayer experience without having to deal with all the BS that goes with playing with the community.

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            Re: Squads is a Great Alternative

            I'll play squads when none of my friends are online because I dislike playing with most randoms in this game.

            One thing I'll do is set a class with high assault killstreaks and play on recruit; yes I know it's not building any new skills but sometimes it's just fun running around killing everything!

            The fact that you can earn limited XP and squad points that carries over to MP is also a great idea on IW's part. It's also good playing on higher AI levels (Veteran) for trying out different setups to use in MP.

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