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    Neone else wondering why clan wars ends on a monday?

      With all due respect..I just have to pu my two cents in here.  I understand that there are time differences and all that but Some people have to work why not end the clan war on a sunday.  Its almost giving points to people who dont work or go to school.  I personally have not had this problem yet but i could see somebody not being able to defend a node or capture one because they are at work watching other people rack up points in the closing hours of the clan war.  powerless to stop it because they are providing for themself if nothing else or possibly a family.  Imo clan wars should end during the weekend so that the average person working the 9-5 m-f has an opportunity to gain some points for their clan in the closing hours of the game.

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          I'm a bit more inclined that the CW start on a weekend since the points for capturing a node first is a lot higher than the points for recapturing it.  Several wars were won on the first day because clans with no job, etc to attend to got a leg up on their competition.  Not that it's possible to pick a day or time that won't give someone an advantage but I would think that they could at least play a little more to the schedule of the masses.

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              point taken.  I understand what your saying.  personally i thinkk its rediculous that you get more points for capturing than recapturing.  yeah its nice to get it first but we defended a node from a clan for about 14-15 hours in total.  if they had won that they should have gotten a lot ore points than they would have.  Agree with where the most points are recieved should be on the weekend...i just dont agree that the most points should be in the beginning.  i guess it is what it is and you cant make everybody happy.

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              your right, they should end on a weekend to give those players a chance to fight to hold on to a node. My clan lost our only node, because the other clan is online more.

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                I would like to see Clan Wars start on a Friday night and end on the following Sunday evening with at least a 2 week break in between wars. This last war was grueling…It's one thing if you really don't care about the Clan War going on and you just play your regular game mode…But for those who are used to one particular game mode then having to switch around over and over to other game modes to try to take then sub-sequentially hold it…it was more work than fun…IMO of course. It did pay off in the end because we were able to place 1st in our division but the level of effort required was pretty overwhelming at times.


                I'm looking forward to the break...