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    need help with my clan war

      Okay so my team this morning was on your cod ghost app and it showed we still owned all of our nodes and had a 40pt lead on the cp points and in about 10 mins after it showed I was in 2nd and lost all of my nodes at once Please help me figure out what wen't wrong here bc before psn went down I had players on playing still showing we owned everything by the time psn let us back on your app already made the update to show it was all gone in less then 10 mins sounds like something messed up here and if you look at this my clan help most the board the whole week. Also why would you have clan wars when psn is going into maintenance on the last day and my players can't be on  to hold what was ours this whole week seems unfair when we could of kept it all. The other team only had three people on playing when the app showed we lost everything in 10mins, we owned all of it to the max and then all of a sudden this team had it all the way to the max on at least 4 or 5 nodes at once.