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    Lean Kills


      I Would like to see the lean kills for AR's lowered to 50 like it is for SMG's. 100 lean kills for me is going to take forever due to the fact that I am a runner and gunner objective player. Leaning against an object just really isn't my playstyle. I was just looking for opinions from others on this. Maybe even some tips. Thanks guys !

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          I hate lean kills because you need to use cheap tactics to grind them out..  honestly fastest way ive found is play a mode like blitz or dom where you know there will be a steady stream of people heading your way.. and clamp (camp+ lean) the objective


          its a cheap tactic but it gets them done fast and out the way

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            Totally agree with the OP - 50 would be plenty - Don't really think they should have attached a camping challenge to getting a gun Gold in the first place.

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              you guys really dont understand the motive behind all this do you? IW is trying to make you guys experience all style of gameplays if you dont want to do that then dont go for gold but atleast dont complain

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                Definitely agree with you. 50 is more than enough for AR's. I do like that they have this tho. It forces us run and gunners to change up our style a little bit. The really problem is the large maps, you can sit there and lean for 5 minutes without seeing anyone.

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                  I personally think 100 is fine. I am tired of easier challenges on this game and I thoroughly enjoy tougher challenges that give you the feeling that after a long ordeal, that I accomplished something. I know it takes a long time, but the game has been out for a little more than a month and there is no reason that the prestiges and guns should be all finished up by the 3rd month that this game has been out.

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                    It does seem high, I guess they want to stress its use. Overall its not bad, do it on occasion and choose high traffic areas you can net, two or three kills at a time with one clip.