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    Attention Infinityward

      What I have here is a list of problems I am having while playing multiplayer and squads . My gamer tag is cb765 , the account email is*Email Removed by Moderator* , I am playing on PS4 , on a no router wired internet connection with 20 meg download and 5 kilobits upload . The game mode I play the most is domination. The problems I am having are as follows :                                                                                                                                                          

      Spawns : the game spawns me near the enemy flag , near enemies , or more commonly near the last enemy to kill me.

      Button response : in CQC situations I get a delay between the time I press the fire button and when the gun actually fires giving the enemy plenty of time to kill me .

      Bullet damage : I am not getting the same bullet damage as everyone else using the same gun , no matter what gun I use.

      Accuracy : when aiming down site the game won't let me stay on target , it makes me aim right next to the enemy .

      Scoring in Domination : If I have 2 flags and the enemy has 1 flag they are still scoring points like they have 2, and when the match starts I will get 2 flags before the enemy can get 1 but the game still gives the enemy the lead.

      I get a lot of framerate lag even when there is not a lot going on in the match .

      I get stuck on objects like cars , trucks , rocks , doorways , flat surfaces , and the ground .

      When playing domination in squads : my bots don't shoot the enemy while capping , you can't tell your bots to attack or where to defend so they run around looking for the enemy while the enemy caps , defends and spawns on the flags you hold and behind your current position.

      Operations : when I buy new challenges the game keeps giving me the ones I have already done.

      Call of Duty App. : I downloaded the call of duty app to my iphone 4 but the game will not unlock the "up all night" eye ball patch.

      We should be able to complete operations and earn patches and gun camos in squads .

      Please Fix these Issues A.S.A.P. thank you for reading .

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          Re: Attention Infinityward

          I tolerated a lot of issues when playing black ops 2 and still purchased the season pass because I love Treyarch and there ideas. I will not do that this time around , if these issues do not get addressed I will not purchase the season pass for ghosts , instead I will buy killzone shadow fall .

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            Re: Attention Infinityward

            Greetings cb765,


            Thanks for taking the time to post.


            Your feedback regarding Squads, Spawns, and Domination scoring are all greatly welcome and I will forward up to be looked at by our teams.


            With that being said, I did want to let you know that BeachHead are well are of issues with the badges and are working on a fix. It is not uncommon for the badge to take a couple of days to show up so please keep checking back.


            Lastly, it sounds like some of these issues are connection related. If you have not already set up port forwarding on your router, then I suggest doing so!

            Activision Support


            Also, try reading over this connectivity article as it does prove useful!

            Activision Support




            ATVI Support

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