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    Hard Restart

      Where to start? This will begin appearing as a rant but will end in a question, but take it in stride as you (Activision) have seemed to overlook a few things. Take it to a higher up and you'll probably get a raise.


      1) The website needs a chat system and/or a better support. If it says "Contact us" then don't give links to articles without supplying a method to ACTUALLY contact. Microsoft and Halo has it... yeah I just went there.


      2) If there is such a huge issue with hackers messing up accounts then there really needs to be an appropriate way to hard reset accounts on request. Doesn't seem that hard, select an account and change stats to what you want. I bet a hacker could do it, but lets not pay hackers to fix these problems, since this is seriously an issue that Activision needs to deal with.


      That being said, my brother was on my account when he got an invite from some people. It was modded and quite frankly I have been in modded games before. They are amusing. But what isn't amusing is when stats change. It's one thing to play for fun, another to be boosted unfairly. Score is down, level is up, none of it earned. We -as well as others- need a hard reset on the account.


      Also, my brother is willing to share the clan name which are filled with knowingly boosted players (one who spent $15 to the hacker's paypal) + the name of the hacker. Eeyup... making your jorb easier...

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          Hello Ominousprime,


          1. While I understand that the "Contact Us" button sounds misleading in the sense that you should be shown how to actually contact our support right there, we try to give some sort of last response/troubleshooting step before you do contact our support. There is an option that states "I'm having a problem that is not listed". If you click here you can view our contact options. Like I said, I know its confusing to navigate so I'll look into forwarding your feedback.


          2. Infinity Ward are well aware of these issues with modded lobbies and are continuously doing what they can in there battle against cheaters/hackers/glitches. While I can't give official word on a rank reset tool, if you wish to message me your gamertag, console, and rank before/after then I'll see what I can do.




          ATVI Support