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    HAKERS = give me money for this game

      Firstly, why I wrote that I want to return the money from the people who created this game, it suddenly my post deleted! Where is freedom of speech? Why nobody does anything with hackers? Do not you people? You do not have specialists? You sell a product that probably before he left he was palpated by hackers! MAKE SOMETHING OR Give me back my MONEY

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          Re: HAKERS = give me money for this game

          Official position of Infinity Ward and Activision about cheaters: report them using in-game function.

          Official position of Valve on cheats in Ghosts: VAC is disabled in COD:Ghosts.

          Official position of Steam on refunds: they don't do refunds, no matter what. Never.


          If you bought the game elsewhere, contact your seller (shop) about refunds.


          Most likely, you'll neither get an official reply (different than this), nor get any satisfaction (like, a refund).


          I contacted Activision support in Twitter about refund and they said to contact my seller (Steam). I contacted Steam and they said "we don't do refunds, check user agreement section 3".

          I contacted Activision support in Twitter about a cheater, you can find their reply here:

          Twitter / Yurred: @ATVIAssist Hi, I can't join ...

          What can you do? Either try to enjoy the game, or play something else. I'm afraid that is all.

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            Re: HAKERS = give me money for this game
            Those who you witness, or suspect, of violating the Ghosts Online Code of Conduct in-game are to be reported in-game. This is the official and most direct course of action that you can take regarding this issue. Bans are happening. Reporting absolutely works.



            I am not familiar with the other post you reference. Review our Ghosts Community Forum Etiquette Guidelines.


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