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    XP, Operations Question

      I've got a few questions and I was hoping you guys could help me.


      1. 1st is about XP,  this game takes incredibly LONG to level up. I've already got 20 hrs clocked in and I'm barely level 28. I had only 9 hrs on MW3 and was lvl 44. I was wondering what I could do to help me lvl up faster.


      2. The next is about emblems, do emblems become unlocked automatically when you complete in-game challenges or do you need to buy the "Operations"? Or are "Operations" just the same thing as the challenges you used to be able to buy in BO1 that would give you more CoD points & XP? (Sorry guess that was a two part question)


      3. Is there something special needed to unlock a uniform? I was told by the post match summery that a certain federation heavy standard (can't remember exactly what it was named) had been unlocked but when I went to uniforms nothing new was unlocked.

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          Re: XP, Operations Question

          1. Play Domination or SnD


          2. You have to buy new one's after you completed said ones already there.


          3. Are you sure it wasn't in headgear or whatever?

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              Re: XP, Operations Question

              1. I can't stand SnD, my lag is not friendly and with this games INSANE time to kill, naw SnD is not for me. I do play Dom though and that hasn't seemed to help too much but I'll keep on it.


              2. But I have no control over the challenges I buy correct?


              3. Well I assumed it was the uniform because the picture looked like a vest (sort of like the ballistic vest).


              thanks though.

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              Re: XP, Operations Question

              1. Levelling up quick is done through a combo of playing the right game mode that suits you and winning. No point playing SnD if your a terrible SnD player. I play KC mainly not the fastest way to rank up but it is my favoured game type and as such get 30 - 40 kills per game on average. Cranked is also a really good way to rank up fast provided you can put kills together e.g a 30 kill game will earn you over 5000 score.


              2.Emblems only become availble if the operation is available. You can change operations anytime for the cost of a squad point. Changing ops also helps levelling up. I will do 3/4 ops per day and then change them this leads to regular  higher xp. Eg I did 500 silencer kills, 350 Red dot Kills and 200 scavanger pick ups in 1 night totals nearly 10k xp then changed and pick another 3 high xp ops. No point spending 2 weeks going after all the ops if you want to level up, cherry pick the large one do them move on.


              3. Uniforms like emblems are only available when the op is live

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                Re: XP, Operations Question

                How much XP are you getting per match?

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                  Re: XP, Operations Question

                  If you want to knockout the lower levels faster then pick operations that you know you can do relatively easy. i.e. 200 kills with Quick Draw or whatever…Once you get up to the higher levels it does turn into a bit of a grind I'm on 5th Prestige level 55 and the last few levels seem to take forever...


                  As for the customization of your character there are certain operations that unlock certain items. For instance the Green Beret requires you to place 3rd or higher in 15 Free-for-All matches. So I went to my Operations Menu and kept buying new operations until that one was unlocked.

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