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    Must Read Ghosts Tips and Tricks!

      Below are a few good tricks to get the most out of your ghosts experience!


      • Now when the game comes out you will be given a set of Operations, you may want to reroll these and get a new set and you will be prompted to do so for a squad point but DONT!  You will want to wait 2 or 3 updates to do so.  (CAUTION! Failure to do so will result in us taking away your Operations utility for an indefinite amount of time, most likely months)
      • Occasionally there will be some people running around with every perk and various other cheats, we encourage you to report them through our in-game reporting system but will most likely do nothing (Additionally we encourage strongly against playing Hardcore game modes, they are rampant with cheaters as they can avoid obvious killcams.)
      • At times you may notice after being put in a lobby that you are receiving an abnormal amount of experience or squad points, this is due once again to people hacking our half-finished game.  (BEWARE!  YOU MUST DASHBOARD!  Failure to do so will label you as a cheater by our software and you will be banned thank you for $60)


      Thanks much and with these tips you can make sure to have an awesome Ghosts experience!



      If only we knew all this a month ago.

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          Lame...thanks for adding nothing to the community.

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            I wouldn't call this tips and tricks, more like basic knowledge.

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              Why are you using terms like OUR in game reporting software and OUR software ? you arent labeled as an IW employee .

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                We did know all this a month ago. You just copied someone else's work and are attempting to pawn it off as your own. I don't know why. None of know us who you are anyway.

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                  For number 2.


                  Did you ever think that maybe they are running no main equipment/weapons and so normally have 12 points for perks instead of 8, with gambler perk giving them one of the higher cost perks and that they are also running specialist and have gotten a large number of kills, thus most of the other perks?


                  Just saying. It seems odd to me that no one is considering this. I constantly run into people with 5-6 perks who kill me. The amount of perks you can have equipped at once in this game legitimately is mindboggling. One of the major problems they did not consider I think.

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                      Which is different from having the entire line of perks on the kill cam being full, which we've seen.

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                          By entire line of perks do you mean all 35 perks shown?(counted one by one with its icon) or merely a huge number that would likely cover the entire bottom of the screen...like say...17 or 18 perks?


                          It is possible to have a maximum of 17 or 18 perks.(im going to say 17.5, because gambler is one of the defaults, which im not sure how that shows up with its random perk on the screen.)


                          If you have nothing equipped, and go pure perks, you can equip 8 - 1 point perks. and then 2 - 2 point perks. Gambler will give you a random perk. Next you can have 3 perks by specialist default and 8 points worth of a bonus if you run specialist. If you run 4 - 2 point perks for the bonus, lets count.


                          Thats 8 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 17. The perk gambler gives as I said would be the possible 18 (hence 1.5). However, I'm not sure if it shows gambler and the perk it gives, just gambler, or just the perk it gave you.


                          Now for the 3 you choose before bonus you could choose the other 2 point perks for an 11 streak to max to the bonus. Alternatively if you wanted to max value you could choose 5 + 4 + a 3 point requiring 17 streak to max to the bonus.


                          With gambler, that means a maximum perk point value of 5 + 4 + 3 + 3(lets assume gambler gave you this) + 2 x 4 + 2 x 2 + 7 and an additional 1 or not depending on whether you consider gambler in the value. that means 15 + 8 + 4 + 7 (with a possible +1  at end). Or 34 or 35 points worth of perks.


                          Likewise assuming you wanted the easy route for slightly less perk total, you could go 3 less 1 perks and 1 more 2 perk. or 2 less perks for a 15 perk to an 8 streak kill to specialist max.

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                        He means all 35 perks on the bottom, no its not a mistake, there is also various other things that allow you to do things like breathe underwater indefinitely on flooded, run at maniac speed, and spawn with a minigun.  As I said most of these cheaters only play hardcore game modes because the only way their cheating would be completely evident is if they got the game winning killcam.

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