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    MicroTransaction BO1 Maps DISCUSSION no "proof" or anything

      Now I know it isn't going to happen and I've lost hope for BO2 and yes I put my BO1 disk in and play the maps like that, however the main thing I would've liked in having the maps on BO2 is 3/4 players on one system and possibly new weapons/perks on the older maps. So im curious. What would you guys have paid for the older maps and how would you have liked them?


      Firstly: would you want each map individually or like WaW and BO1 map packs? (and how much?)

      I'd probably do like $2 or $3 for each WaW map $8-$12 seems pretty good for those huh? then like $4 or $5 for the others. ($24-30) grand total $32-$42 for all maps? given they could be in discounted bundles and you don't have to buy every single one.


      Second: what would you most want updated in those maps?

      Like i stated above, 3 or 4 local players would be really cool. Also like the ray gun mkll on the older levels would be welcome or tombstone on shangri la could be helpful. Or imagine wunderfizz on nacht! thatd make for some really interesting games! Also having friends join in mid game would be greatly welcomed.