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    COD 4 coming to xbox one....


      Cod 4 is coming to xbox one...I hear all of you thinking the same headlines! What an amazing thought, the best game ever on the best console ever!! ...Of course it isnt, which is awful, but id like to beg the devs to make it happen. It would sell...big time.

              They should of course make it a bit more appealing to squash the "whats the point?" club, by dropping some dull and unused maps from cod 4 and replacing them with new ones, and having two modes, one classic with the killstreaks of old inluding the three usual ones, uav, airstrike and chopper; and the other a new age one with all the fancy killstreaks and trimmings of a new age cod.

             With the graphics and sound provided with the new hardware surely we would have our ultimate dream turned into our ultimate cod...My only question to you guys is this...

             Which old cod 4 maps would you drop for new ones? And which old ones would you like the new ones to be similar to??