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    Why are operations STILL not working? Why are my completed tasks not showing up on game? Why are y'all not working on the bad issues first and then working on petty issues.

      Well I am trying being patient but when its all said and done what is activision going to do to rectify the issues, we are missing out on so may aspects of the game. 3/4 of online unlocks deal with operations which are GLITCHED…We deal with glitched leader boards where first 1500 people should have their device ip banned. We deal with connection errors, communication errors and lobby lag, and I have open nat on xbox one and moderate to strict nat on game. I have a cable modem with wired connection with 30 to 50 Mbps connection speeds. I DONT HAVE CONNECTION PROBLEMS. You have server problems. Even xbox says that y'all are having network issues on your side. WHAT IS THE HOLD UP!!!!!!! Y'all are a multibillion dollar company and we as consumers have the right to know….  We are getting no answers.

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