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    Clan Chat / former members still chatting

      After i've removed someone from my roster, why are they still able to chat in the clan chat?  And how long will it take for them to no longer have access?


      This should be an immediate thing.  Not a 24 hr or 48 hr long process.

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          Re: Clan Chat / former members still chatting

          Hey briocon7,


          I am sorry to hear that. Please let me know if you removed the member on the roster from the game or from Call of Duty App.



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              Re: Clan Chat / former members still chatting

              I removed them using the in-game functions.  I had 18 members to remove and using the in game feature was the quicker way to do it.

              What i did was made a list of members, first by looking at every player and putting all their stats into an excel file so i can see it all in one glance (thats a big thing to me, and to some people, just being able to see more than just a cell phone screen worth of info in one shot) and be able to sort everything by either K/D, Win %, or Hours played.  Once i did that, i figured out what my cut off point was for hours played.  If they had less than 35 hrs played this far into the game, then they weren't supporting the rest of the roster enough.  Once i knew which members to remove, it seemed faster to use the in-game feature to remove them than it did for the app.  Mainly because when i removed them, i then hit the back button and it took me to the home page.  I had to keep going back through "My Clan" then "Manage Clan" then find the next player again.  With the in-game feature, when i kicked them, i still had the Clan member list open and waiting for me after they were removed.


              I know this is kinda long, just figured it doesn't hurt to go into detail considering the app is new and all.  Back on point though....  The Clan chat...  This particular member was removed via the in-game feature.  All 18 members were removed via the in-game feature.  The one time i removed a member using the clan app, was a single case.  I never use the clan app to remove members from the roster anymore.

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