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    Chat volume

      The game needs chat volume control. Until they patch the Sony headsets and Bluetooth, the only choice now is to mute. Shouldn't have to buy a new headset!

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          While I agree with your point.. it would be nice to have that setting in the options somewhere I did find a nice and not horridly costly headset that works wonderful.. look up the skull candy slyr. I got mine at target for about $70. You can use it connected to the DS4 or plug it in USB.. if you go USB it has controls for volume and to mix game and chat.. so you can make one louder then the other.

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              Have you actually used the SLYR on the PS4 via usb and controller audio or are you using audio out on the TV? Can you confirm that the volume controls are supported yet via USB?

              The reason I ask is because I've been considering buying that headset.

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                  Yes...it works... use it every day...You can use it either USB or with the controller... if use it with the controller you have no volume the USB volume does work. The setup is somewhat like this

                  DS4 with no vol control

                  DS$>3.5mm audio cable>headset

                  There is a 3.5mm cable in the box with the headset... one end plugged into the headset the other into the DS4


                  USB with vol controls (how I use them)

                  USB cable with control box attached (comes with headset)>3.5mm audio cable> headset

                  Take cable with the mix box attached to one end... there are 3 cables... a USB and 2 RCA audio cables... I just bundled up and zip tied the RCA... they are not needed... take the 3.5mm cable and plug it into the headset and the port on the mix box.. Turn on the PS4 and plug in the USB... the system will ask you what ID is using the headset... just select the one you’re logged in as and boom... you’re off and running.

                  For both options you'll need to set the PS4 to run all audio to the headset

                  They are only stereo but work well... Plenty loud enough and very comfortable... mic on the headset folds up next to the left ear cup very nicely as well. These replaced my TB XP500's that I had working with my 4 via and adaptor for the chat cable but shortly after I got the 4 one of the speakers in that set blew and I wasnt spending more then 100 bucks for a new headset.. I've had the skull candies about 2 weeks and love them. I'ed say well worth the money. If ya have any other questions I'm more then happy to help.. you can hit me on here or on PSN  under frustration_inc

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                  Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll try to be patient and wait for the Sony patch. Plan on picking up the A50s in the spring or summertime. Besides the chat issue, with ear buds I can't always tell if they are in front or behind me, so sometimes I die when I shouldn't.

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                  I have the Turtle Beach Kilo (basically the P11). I have the usb plugged in to the PS4 with a USB extender and then the audio out into the controller. I have the volume cranked on the headset and in the system and it's probably moderate volume. I can't adjust chat volume but I can mute my voice. I have to mute all others in game.


                  The volume controls aren't working properly via USB for me but I have to use it because I have a gaming monitor so no other way to get sound. Considering buying a $15-20 toslink digital to analog rca convertor so I can rewire the digital audio out from the PS4 to the Turtle Beach rca to mini female adaptor and then plug the headset into that. Sounds confusing but I think it's the only way I'm going to get the volume control back.


                  I don't think the controller is outputting enough audio or the driver support isn't there yet for USB audio control for this headset.


                  Did not have this problem on the PS3 but I was also using the audio out on the back of the console.

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                      I'm using the TB PX4's with the optical cable.  Chat audio is done via the controller. I can adjust CHAT volume by just going to adjust devices and turning it (headphones) down.  It doesn't affect my game audio.


                      Sorry if this was posted already.