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    I am the new President of the Democratic Republic of the Wii Lands.

      As the leader I would like to restore order and enact a new set of laws for our very sensitive society. But for now I would like to thank all of you for your votes, and support. I will make you Wii fellows proud in our new dictatorship. I will announce the next election dates in the weeks to come. I would like to thank my right hand man nintendon't, and I would like to give my respects to WiimoteRus2 for putting up a good fight as the Official Opposition.


      As promised I will put an end to the conflict between the DA tribes of the North, and the Wii Mote tribes of the east. The bloodshed between the two beliefs must end or both will face unprecedented consequences. I will also put out a search order for snowyday, his espionage is against our society, and security.


      Thank you voters, I will lead us to glory. All hail the Democratic Republic of the Wii Lands!