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    Is there any hope for my Operations button?

      You've released yet another update, in which you even completely revamped the look of the buttons in question... God I was really optimistic this time seeing the new layout and everything, but alas my Operations are still gone.  But apparently you guys had plenty of time to work on new paid DLC to make more money off the game you haven't fixed yet.  Its appalling.


      In regards to this issue not "affecting overall gameplay" as stated in the official Support response.  I will put aside the fact that leveling without operations is about 10x slower.  But the simple fact that you tied gear acquisition directly too Operations, Operations which we are unable to access directly affects gameplay and I would be glad to hear you argue otherwise.


      The ghillie suit being the obvious point here, a person in a ghillie suit and incog is near invisible if in good cover, in the same cover any other gear selection still sticks out like a sore thumb.  It is much more than just cosmetic.  The inability for us too acquire said gear puts us at a disadvantage against anyone with said gear, thus it affecting overall gameplay.


      Just fix this already.... ugh.

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          Re: Is there any hope for my Operations button?

          They explained to me that the last patch fixed operations for some people, I for one am not one of them and I did everything they asked me todo and mine still don't work. Here's what I don't understand they don't work on 360 and I Just bought an Xbox one what the hell is stoping me from looking at them there other then having the same problem as my 360. Did it ban people from operations?

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            Re: Is there any hope for my Operations button?

            Hello Oldurtay,


            Thanks for posting.


            I understand that the operations issue is frustrating. Please know that Infintiy Ward are doing everything in their power to try and address this matter. At this time I have no additional information to share, but will update the community once I do.




            ATVI Support

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