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    Tranzit contin?

      Hey guys I was just messin around on tranzit tryin to figure out what we did wrong and I was thinking wonder if anybody has done the Easter egg with the correct nav card I just remember when I did the ee we had the die rise nav cards back when bo2 first came out but anyway I remember rictofin says to access the computer you must have the little nav card thingy to access the little computer thingy, but we had the wrong one but I just wanted to know if anybody has done the Easter egg from the beginning trying the correct nav card.

      TThanks guys and hopefully somebody finds something

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          Re: Tranzit contin?

          Nav Cards do nothing...  After you put the last Nav Card in the Nav Card reader on Buried it lets you do the endgame where you push the big red button in the court house. 


          Depending on what side you picked (Maxis/Richtofen) you either get a permanent fire sale or something else that's really pointless..


          After you press the button though it resets all of your EE progress and is a complete waste of time.


          Hate to say it, but the Nav Cards were just a big run around that did nothing cool/game changing/ or important

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