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    False Ban - game return?

      My account reports as permanently banned in COD Black Ops 2 - Nobody contacted me, no explanation. I am not aware of any legit reason to receive the Ban. As I understand from the 2 hours browsing on the Internet, Treyarch NEVER reviews any bans - can I return the game and get money back?

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          We understand your concern regarding your account; however, we do not have the details of your ban. Please take a moment to review the Security & Enforcement Policy which outlines reasons an account can get banned Activision Support .


          Additionally, bans are not subject for further discussion or appeal.  Before any action is taken, the account is carefully reviewed to prevent a false positive.


          In accordance to the Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette  this discussion will be locked.


          Please do not create another discussion regarding this matter.


          For any game purchase, you will need to contact the retailer from which the game was purchased for a refund or credit.


          Regards ^AH