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    My Activison Support chat

      ( 5m 32s ) Agent: Thank you very much for that information. Not to worry Andres, let me help you and inform you more on how you can get the Holiday Camo for your Call of Duty: Ghosts in Wii U. Would that be okay?

      ( 5m 57s ) User: Yes please

      ( 8m 7s ) Agent: Okay Andres. As of now, Infinity Ward announced that the Holiday Camo is available for PC and XBOX on December 12, 2013. For your console, this will be available for download on December 18, 2013. We highly advise that you may have to wait until December 18, 2013 for you to be able to get your Holiday Camo for Wii U.

      ( 9m 9s ) User: So we are going to get it becuse I seen the FAQ

      ( 11m 41s ) Agent: For your concern Andres, unfortunately, we do not have the exact available information on the platforms that are applicable to download the Holiday Camo. We cannot guarantee the exact platforms (PS3/PS4/Xboxone/Wii U) that the Holiday Camo will be available for download. We highly advise that you may have to wait for updates from the Twittter website of Infinity Ward.

      ( 12m 24s ) Agent: You may also post this concern on the Call of Duty: Ghosts forums for Wii U for other players to be aware of this concern as well. Not to worry, we will also provide you updates Andres once we have the available information.

      ( 13m 42s ) User: Ok thanks the Wii U Comunity thinks that Activison don't like us becuse we don't get DLC and Call Of Duty Ghost App

      ( 15m 3s ) Agent: You're welcome Andres. I understand how you feel right now Andres and also for the Wii U community. Not to worry, I will be noting everything here in details and I will let the other teams know about this one so that they can take part on this and be aware of your feedback, suggestion and good intentions for the betterment of the game. I will notify them right away to be aware of your feedback and check all of this details Andres.

      ( 15m 58s ) User: Ok thanks see ya

      ( 16m 41s ) User: Oh one more thing is there anyway I can check if we have got deadcated servers

      ( 16m 41s ) Agent: You're welcome Andres and feel free to contact us back and we'd be glad to help you out.

      ( 16m 57s ) Agent: Let me inform you more with that Andres.

      ( 17m 26s ) User: I am based in UK

      ( 19m 26s ) Agent: I see. Unfortunately, we do not have the available information as of this moment for the public release of dedicated servers. Not to worry Andres, please stay tuned for more updates from our Call of Duty: Ghosts forums for your concern with the dedicated servers. You can check there for any announcements or future updates for dedicated servers in your region.

      ( 20m 19s ) User: Ok thanks and I would like to play Free Fall is it a good map

      ( 21m 32s ) Agent: You're welcome Andres. In my opinion, yes it is a good map Andres.

      ( 22m 38s ) User: Can you put that in aswell please becuse at Launch we did not get the pre-order bonus

      ( 24m 57s ) Agent: I see. As much as we would like to help you Andres, unfortunately, we do not have the available information or any updates on when will the Free fall map be available for your console. Not to worry Andres, the best thing that I can do for you and for the Wii U community is that I will create a feedback report and also include all of this details and I will forward this to the appropriate party for them to be aware of your concern. We will provide you more updates for your case Andres here in our support site.

      ( 25m 52s ) User: Ok thanks see ya and have a great Christmas

      ( 26m 20s ) Agent: You're welcome Andres and have a Merry Christmas as well! Thank you Andres. Not to worry, you may contact us back if you have more concerns with Activision and other Call of Duty titles and we'd be glad to help you out.

      ( 26m 29s ) Agent: We really appreciate you teaming with us in this issue, for now, would there be anything else aside from this that I may be able to assist you with?

      ( 27m 21s ) User: When I am playing there is lag sometimes and I keep on geting killed

      ( 28m 19s ) Agent: I'm sorry to hear that. May I know what type of connection are you using Andres (Wired/Wireless)?

      ( 28m 50s ) User: Wireless and it is fiber optic boradband

      ( 29m 39s ) Agent: Thank you for providing me the details Andres. May I know since when did this lag issue happen?

      ( 31m 15s ) User: It happend last night when I am playing it was bad last night

      ( 31m 54s ) User: It can't be becuse I am from UK and the servers are in America can it

      ( 33m 25s ) Agent: I understand you Andres. Not to worry, I'm here here to help you out. Let me inform you more with your concern Andres. Before that, can you check for your NAT Type? You can check this in Multiplayer Online just below the game screen. You may please inform us of the status of your NAT type if it is Open, Moderate, or Strict (or any number indicated from 1 to 3).

      ( 34m 23s ) User: It was at open at launch and it is now Strict

      ( 36m 6s ) Agent: I see. Okay Andres. I would like to inform you more with your issue and I will also provide you recommendations to improve your home network. Would that be okay?

      ( 37m 19s ) User: I just leave it how it is becuse I can still play

      ( 38m 26s ) Agent: Okay Andres. Not to worry, I will only provide you useful information and you may please use this for reference if you're still encountering connectivity issues. Would that be okay with you?

      ( 39m 48s ) User: No thanks

      ( 40m 47s ) Agent: I see. You're welcome Andres. Not to worry, feel free to contact us back in case you encounter any issues with Call of Duty: Ghosts or any Call of Duty titles and we'd be glad to help you out Andres.

      ( 40m 59s ) User: I can't wait for Call Of Duty 2014 I hope its got dynamic events in it Agian and come out for Wii U

      ( 41m 56s ) Agent: Yes Andres. I'm also looking forward for that and I hope you enjoy playing Call of Duty: Ghosts for Wii U. Would there be anything else that I can help you with?

      ( 44m 38s ) Agent: Are you still with me Andres? I will wait for you in two minutes. Thank you.

      ( 44m 49s ) User: No that's it thanks and I am allways playing on Cranked I love that mode

      ( 45m 1s ) Agent: That's good to hear. You're welcome Andres and we highly appreciate your passion for the game. We'd be glad to help you out when you contact us back, so feel free to visit our website Andres.

      ( 45m 16s ) Agent: You may be getting a survey to compliment this interaction shortly after it wraps up. This will rate my performance and it gauges how I did in helping you out. I'd appreciate your honesty when filling it out. Your feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated and this will be considered for the future business decisions of Activision and its partners, and also for the betterment of the game.

      ( 46m 38s ) User: Thanks and one more thing for my feedback Can there please be a snow map on Call Of Duty 2014

      ( 48m 0s ) Agent: You're welcome Andres. Not to worry, I will take note of that as well in my report and you may also include this suggestion on the survey Andres. We highly appreciate your suggestion and we would like to thank you for that Andres.

      ( 49m 3s ) User: Ok thanks you can send my feedback now see ya

      ( 49m 19s ) Agent: You're very much welcome and thank you. Take care Andres. Thank you for contacting Activision Chat Support, if you have any further need of assistance, please feel free to contact us again. For future updates about the game, please log on to https://elite.callofduty.com/ or you can also follow us on Twitter through https://twitter.com/ATVIAssist and on Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/ActivisionAssist. May you have a wonderful day ahead!