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    F.Y.K looking for more members level 11 (XBONE &360) wi

      clan: F.Y.K (f*ck your klan)

      members: 70 between both consoles

      clan wars: took 1st in gold division last clan wars


      were a laid back clan that plays for fun but plays to win.


      must haves:

      a mic would be nice

      16 or over

      k/d 1.2 or highet

      w/l ratio of 50% or higher

      be active


      would possibly take clan mergers WITH US

      and players from other platforms



      if your a clan hopper, trash talker, whiner or rage quiter then dont waste my time.


      u can search F.Y.K to apply or u can send a friend request to

      B3ASTM0D3 x    for xbox one


      Ug Nick   for xbox 360


      upon applying u must send a friend request and a message saying u applied and platform. if your username on the ghost app is different from your gamertag then u must state that. if none of this is followed we will not accept  u if we cant tell who you are.