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    Operations -Theory and Solution

      I'm getting really tired of reading "Improved operations functionality" in the update notes and then logging on and still not being able to access them.  It is making me less and less hopeful by the day that this will ever actually be fixed.


      This issue will never be fixed with an update, our game data is fine its our accounts that are affected.  This is why the issue persists while moving to an XboxOne, and addition you can access Operations just fine on the same xbox using a non-affected account.


      My theory is that by now your developers have realized this (I really hope they have at least) and they simply have no way of identifying those affected to perform whatever actions are needed to fix the issue.


      If this is the case could you not perhaps just patch in a way for us to report this issue to you in game and have our accounts fixed?


      I really doubt it is such a "small subset" of players as has been suggested many times, I think rather there are many players who have been patiently waiting for a fix and now that the issue has gone on for over a month more and more are coming out of the woodwork speaking up about it.