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    We all ready won a Gold war! Intuition Gaming Recruiting now. Individuals and smaller clans

      Intuition Gaming is recruiting now!

      We are looking for members on the Xbox 360 over the age of 17 who will participate daily in our community on Ghost and on our website. We are a pretty competitive clan and we have all ready won a Gold war and are aiming 1st in every war to come. We have 75 members and have been an established clan starting with Black Ops 2. If you are a very Competitive player who can participate daily in our community and are looking for a clan Intuition Gaming is a great place for you. We also are recruiting smaller size clans that have 10 or less members. We are Building and army! if you do plan on signing up please register on our site and fill out a recruitment form under the UIG tab thank you.


      Website: http://www.intuitiongaming.enjin.com

      What the site offers:

      - Ranks and awards

      - awesome downloads for members

      - Chat room

      - Member spotlight

      - Livestream page (if your a livestreamer be featured on our sites livestream page)

      - Mumble Voice servers for are PC gamers

      - Gamebattles team

      - In clan video editing and graphics

      - Forums

      - Full walkthrough for both Black Ops 2 and Ghost

      - In clan Tournaments and Fun Lobbies ( Mostly 8's and sniping lobbies)


      check our youtube out here: http://http://www.youtube.com/channel