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    I have more problems to Report

      First  emilio gunz answered my other post and told me to set up port range forwarding , I am not using a router , if you guys are convinced my problems are due to connection , then that means the server or lack of server capacity is the issue , I can connect to psn and the internet just fine , all my problems happen in game and while I am playing ghosts multiplayer and trying to connect to call of duty servers. The call of duty west coast server network needs to be upgraded.

      Now on to the problems : The in game store won't load so I can not download the festive pack.

      Items are not showing up on screen when playing multiplayer and squads , the items are Dogs , enemies , I.E.Ds .

      If the controller dies during gameplay the cursor and menus go haywire .

      It has been longer than 10 days since I downloaded the call of duty app , still no patch .

      Dogs and enemies can run and jump into the barrel of your gun while you are shooting at them on target , you don't get hit markers and they kill you .

      Match making keeps putting me into the same lobby after I leave .

      Match making will start a match even when the teams are un even by 3 players.

      It is too hard to mute other players , I like the way it was in BO2.

                  Well that is all for now , hopefully these and the the ones I posted 3 days ago will get fixed and then I can focus on prestige . Thank you for reading

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          Re: I have more problems to Report

          Hello cb765,


          Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure to forward that along to the appropriate parties. As the festive pack is concerned, they were made available for the Xbox 360 and PC on December 12 and will be available for all other consoles on the December 18th, please see this tweet from IW for more details: Twitter / InfinityWard: Download in #CODGhosts for .... The wolf skin is also currently available for Xbox 360 only, and its availability on other consoles will be announced at a later date.



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