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    Looking for a clan on PS3!

      I'm looking for a good clan which needs a competitive gamer in their team.
      My K/D is 2.4  and W/L is 55% (It's hard to play without a good team.)
      If you're interested, let me know.
      PSN: mrvaldee

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          Counter Assault Response $quadron, [CAR$], is a up and coming clan and we are strongly focused on team play and friendship. We are looking to build a good base of players, casual and competitive. We've been around for almost a year and so far we are growing w/ some of the most amazing members.

          We are a level 6 Clan, but ready to hit the level 7 mark, here very soon.  We are in the Platinum Division for clan wars.



          Come join and play some fun/casual gaming and make some friends or join for some competitive experience w/ gbs,scrims,and tourneys 


          Must be 16+ years old, have a mic, and be mature. We have no k/d requirements for the clan.



          Come check us out and apply at:

          http:// cars. sasonline .us (no spaces)


          Just register and click on "Join CAR$" and then follow the directions it tells you.


          (p.s. when filling out the application make sure to say you were referred by)


          Any questions? Feel free to message me here or on the site "BiggyWill15" or on the PSN my gamertag is "BiggyWill15"




          CAR$ - Co-Founder

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            join our clan were called drunken_sailors

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              sent you an invite to TheProdigalSons mate, lvl 11 and 99 members , if we are full before you accept then msg me on PSN Jerold_90

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                Join PhoQ

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                  Join my clan high expectations we already won one clan war and need players join us

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                    Hi there!


                    Clan name: Rise2KILL

                    Division: waiting for next clan wars!

                    Clan level: 11

                    Gold clan tag: R2K

                    members: 43

                    console: PS3


                    we are looking to bump are number to 40-50 for the next clan wars

                    we are going for the first place so join us and get those achievements unlocks and much more

                    join R2K we don't disappoint!


                    LOOK US UP ON THE APP ! Rise2KILL


                    MESSAGE ME IN GAME !

                    we are a active friendly group looking to  recruit active and friendly players who will contribute to clan wars. We play for the win and have mic's, ages don't matter also female or male thas'nt matter we accept all gender's and ages . join us on silver division and lets get those clan wars achievements first place gets 3-5 patches JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

                    Search for our clan via the app, or message me on psn: mili143  if you'd like to join thanks

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                      if your 21 or older from the usa minds of evil r looking for players message ssmokinjoe on psn