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    Roughneckz [RNKZ] ps3, Gold tags, Ghosts & Battlefield 4

      Are you an active gamer?  Looking for like minded players to dominate your favorite game modes with? Then check us out, we are a clan of about 34 players level 13 clan, gold tags and we are on other games, looking for players to join who can play either ghosts or battlefield 4, maybe both.

      We are looking for players who can play well on a team

      Players who have a decent Kdr(nothing crazy)

      Zero tolerance for hackers

      And please have a mic, communication is key to victory

      message me or comment if your interested.

      We are currently working on a site, and ways to progress as a clan/ Platoon.


      Roughneckz commander, Geeeeeeno619

      P.s. we are open for discussion regarding merging

      Small clans would be best integrated with us.