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    Help Needed - Achievement Images

      So, I have a website that lists all the Clan War Achievements on it (along with a LOT of other clan related stuff) and I am looking for the "unlocked" version of all the achievement images.  The only ones I have been able to get unlocked are ones that were officially posted on a website or that I have unlocked. If anyone has any of these unlocked, can you capture a screenshot containing these images and send me the link (or PM me and I'll get you an email address you can email it to).


      Ghosts Clan War Achievements


      The items I am looking for right now are as follows:

      • Tried and True - Earn 1000 CP in Clan Wars (Brass Knuckles Emblem)
      • Unstoppable - Win 3 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher (Body Count Reaper)
      • Legendary - Win 4 Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher (Body Count Uniform)


      Use your Mobile App and capture a screenshot (Google how to do it if you don't know) and then post it online (full size please) for me to grab the image...or as mentioned, let me know if you want to email it and I'll provide you with an email address.

      The rest should all be locked for everyone as they are related to specific clan ops that haven't occurred yet.

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