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    Banned Permanently, by something crappy?!

      Hello world!


      My brother recently got Permantenly banned on Black ops 2 pc servers because he had a "diamond hack".

      Im not so good at call of duty, but seriously?

      How can activision "Ban" him for an unlimited time for that?

      Of course he desverve a punishment, but why not just for like 48h or something?


      I actually dont get why u guys ban HIM for a tiny thing like that, when there are etremely big hackers that are using hacks like; Aimbot, godmode, etc...


      I would be very happy if u guys could answer me and tell me why he got permanently banned?

      And i would be ETREMELY happy if you guys only could change the ban to like a de-rank/stats de-rank


      Have a very nice friday and i would be glad for answer.



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