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    Looking for teamates because I'm not switching to Ghosts

      I recently got back into Black Ops 2 again but I need teammates. I wasn't planning on switching to Ghosts or at least not yet.


      Gamertag: icycoolx

      K/D: 1.22 (It used to be higher but I stopped caring for a couple of months)

      W/L: 1.24 (Also used to be higher. At one point is around 1.45 but has dropped since then)

      SPM: 279 (Not that great but again I just got back into the game and it dropped a long time ago)

      Preferred gametypes: Kill Confirmed, Domination, and party games occasionally (I don't mind trying the others again)


      Sorry if this isn't the place to post this but I would love to have teammates.