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      I was previously part of this clan and realized that some members were extremely high prestige with little time played, I wasn't exactly sure what happened and they weren't using any hacks in game so I decided to not place any formal reports and stay in the clan. However being in the clan for over a month it's obvious that a large majority of the members not only went into XP lobbies to get high prestige but they have recently encourage the use of CaC modifications where you obtain all the perks, have the potential to use a minigun as a primary, and have killstreaks continue after death. Apparently this has gone on since the clan's inception with the leader editing his prestige and various members using hacks in order to win clan wars.


      After playing with a few members I began to realize that they were hacking with things such as obtaining all the perks and killstreaks never resetting. I openly reported the individuals in game and asked how many people use these hacks (since its hard to tell when you're not getting to look at a killcam with them in it). I was pressured before hand to not report them because "everyone does it". I wasn't the only people in the clan to realize this either, I had many friends join this clan because I thought it was legitimate, but not one of my friends want to be in a clan based on unfair advantages it ruins the game.


      I have contacted activision support and in game but I want to see if an investigation can be put on the clan because I believe that the rewards the clan obtained through clan wars were unfairly given. I feel bad for the other clans that were competing and had not much of a chance because of how a large majority of the clan 'hacked' and not earned the winning title. I'd usually not ask for a complete clan ban as some players are legitimate this clan is run by hackers and the leaders pressure you to hack. I thought that this was just a minority but I can to the realization that it's a large portion of the clan, big enough I believe to drastically influence the outcome of a clan war.


      The following are some images of members and conversations made in the call of duty clan chat.