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    The Republic of the OT

      This is our new dictatorship, thank you all who voted for me to lead us to a new age! I will put an end to the unemployment, and boost our economy. Everyone will have access to healthcare, and social services. Criminals will be punished, and internal conflicts will be resolved. But that will come later, our new laws will be written within the weeks to come, until then standard law will remain in place.


      Lady Gaga is outlawed from this land, if you see her or him notify me. Her/him secondary accounts are also outlawed (flocks, flying-high). Stewy (Beavers147) Falls under this category to.


      The conflict between Izjar11 a believer in Sand, and ToxicFuture a anti belief activist, will be resolved, or worked upon. Just so we don't have any risk of civil war.


      Sand, Wind, Gras, and VuVu members, you still follow all laws placed down upon thee, but you have full control of your affairs.


      FoxHound is the high judge, and will hand down any sentences. JeepChick can also charge you and edit your property, or even destroy it.


      This is just the beginning of our new society, the next elections will be announced much later. For now let's try and be peaceful with one another. Or you might just start disappearing.


      Thank you for your votes everyone! I will make you all proud.