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    You Guys Are Thiefs

      I really feel like Activision Stole my money this time.

      The COD Ghosts product has far too many hackers in it to have serious game play.

      When I say hackers I mean the OBVIOUS HACKERS that shoot through 2-3 walls to kill everyone.

      The ones that get 49 to 1 or 2 within a short period of time like 1 minute.

      My complaint is that these OBVIOUS HACKERS have a level of 45 or 59 or some ridiculous number, indicating that they have been hacking for at least the day if not longer.

      The problem with these hackers is that as soon as they show up the game is over because most everyone leaves.

      On top of that since everyone leaves it takes sometimes as long as 15-20 minutes to get another game going...

      I often sit and have to wait for 15-20 minutes for a game to start...  I try Hardcore Domination, Hardcore Kill Confirmed and Hardcore Team Deathmatch.

      Is there any chance of getting a refund on this game?

      Is there any chance of Activision doing something about the hackers in the very near future?

      They really are ruining this game...Overall the game could be good...but the hackers are killing it quickly.

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          Hello RK_FullyLoaded,


          Thanks for taking the time to post.


          Your frustrations are completely understood. Infinity Ward are working round the clock with there security team to get rid of this type of thing. If you are not doing so, please use the in game report tool to let our studios know of the violation and the players will be reviewed.


          In terms of a refund, we unfortunately do not handle these request. You will need to visit your retailer from where you purchased the title.




          ATVI Support