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    You ever have wonderful


      Day in call of duty? I don't mean only as in points but you are interacting with people and having a grand old time.



      THEN SUDDENLY, someone comes in and their demeanor changes everything. From the way they talk to you to the way they play the game. Even though you have the option to mute, it kinda ruined your day didn't it?



      Example of today, I came across the ANML clan and I was playing with the TAC 12 trying to get it gold. All I need are Rescue kills so im camping near the enemy waiting for them to shoot. When we finally beat them, they all do as their clan names suggests. THEY GO ANIMALS! Or full retard for that matter. The storm of cussing torn the mics asunder. I personally have been trying to cut back on the way I handle myself in game seeing as many of my enemies are now my friends and most have respectfully embraced who and how I am but I personally decided to dial back a bit.



      Have you ever had one of these days?

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          i have yet to come across one of those anml guys who doesnt lag due to poor connection, and they are never solo. i think they like to hold hands while running the map, since theres alway 2 or 3. ignore their comments and drama, they were trying to make up for poor play with big mouths.

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            I honestly don't see the point of talking about a certain clan unless they're worth mentioning as good payers or they hack. I never use a headset but from time to time someone from the clan has one and will relay something from me to the offending person because 1) no one in a video game can upset me with their big mouth, if anything I find it very amusing, and 2) I always have something to say that they can not match, often making them swear a few more times before they leave.

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              Sorry Im in multiple clans so you would both be right but every time I hang with them the BITW dont pull stupid stuff like that. Either A, they know ama say something or B, out of fear I might not like that side of the story and I leave the clan.

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                Not in CoD, but in RL, all the time...

                Like for example...


                I was having a great weekend. It started off not so great Friday, as school took its toll on me...there was a test that I was not prepared for at all, and I found out my PSAT scores, which were just terrible. Well not terrible, but I just wasn't satisfied with it. I was pretty bummed, but then I went to work and everything got better. Had a nice, slow day at work. Made a lot in tips. Saturday was amazing. I haven't had a free day in a while, so I just stayed home, slept, drank a bottle of coke, and played Red Alert 2. Sunday morning was....well....yeah, I was going to share, but nvm. Some of you guys really hate me for some reason, so I don't want to risk the FBI showing up at my door. Let's just say that Sunday night I took like 3 showers.