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    Disappearing house and shrine

      Bought snowier brawls house last weekend plus an air shrine, both have now disappeared. The house has now reappeared in the shop and presume the shrine has done the same. I had bought gems for these purchases, strangely they haven't reappeared!

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          Greetings Coppergirly,


          Thanks for taking the time to post!


          I am sorry to hear about these items vanishing. Other then the house and shrine, has anything else been affected on your account?


          What device are you using to the play the game on? Are you playing from a wireless connection or a 3/4g?




          ATVI Support

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              Hello thanks for your question, I am using an ipad2 on a wifi connection. I had recently used gems I had purchased (on offers) plus some I had earned, to buy snowler brawls house and an air shrine both of which disappeared a couple of days  later to be found back in the store. I also purchased around the same time crushers house which has also disappeared leaving me halfway through a quest, however this item has disappeared altogether and isn't to be found any where. The gems didn't reappear.  The game seems to be playing ok although the wish stones are no longer paying out via the shrines, but I know this is a wide spread problem.

              Hope this helps.