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    monster energy drink rewards question

      it says 10 codes per account.  but i read it somewhere that the 10 codes should get you the following:


      2x 30 min double xp

      4x 15 min double xp

      1 Viper Patch

      1 The Beast Patch

      1 Viper Background

      1 The Beast Background


      so my question is, if i get 10 beast background, am i done for that account?  it seems to me that i can get the beast background only ONCE, but other rewards are still available as long as i don't exceed the limit.  for example, i can only redeem 2x30 min double xp codes.  if i redeem a 3rd, it will be void.  but that does not acount as 1 of the 10 codes allowed


      i have tried to enter 11th code but the site seems to be not working right now as it gives me code is invalid error, but my code is unused