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        40. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

        So what is the point in these posts? I don't care what's going through someone's mind. You don't need to justify the motives of campers cause they aren't the problem. The problem is lazy and mindless gamers who complain all the time because they are trying to pad their stats.

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          41. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

          This post summed up what I have been saying all along very well.


          - I play for kills, and if we win fine... if we lose fine as long as I am positive


          Probably the worst of all the campers, at the same time however they don't cloud themselves with delusions of their own usefulness like the following 2.



          - I play for the win, but I do so by being the "slayer" and it is up to my team to back me up


          9 out of 10 kills in Dom are irrelevant, and once again you are depending on your "non camper" teammates for the win.



          - I play to get streaks, and I feel if I put up streaks it is everyone else to cap


          The killstreaks In ghosts are far less powerful than in previous versions of the game, meaning your complete absence from doing anything productive for the duration of the game amounts to a silly helicopter that gets shot down in under 10 seconds.




          Basically he said it right, you are either playing to win OR you are playing one of the above strategies... You can't be doing both because as stated above you are always counting on someone else to do the heavy lifting.

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            42. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

            "It's a little difficult to take anything else away from what you wrote other than you go very negative regularly.  I won't hold it against you but just as you have found the OP lacking for not covering team dynamics in the discussion, you should understand that if you define yourself to folks that don't know you through a rather limited prism then they are bound to draw incorrect conclusions"


            Funny had you just highlighted the sentence immediately before the one you had, you would have noted the level of competition I was playing... The prism is only as limited as you want to make it.  And yet with such little info you have no problem adding on words like "regularly."



            "Now back to your updated point.  I've gone in the neighborhood of 25-40 before when it meant securing the win.  It didn't bother me at all.  However, that tactic does require a team effort otherwise the guy going 25-40 just ends up dragging his team down by feeding the other team killstreaks.  I'm sure that you would agree."



            Judging from the rest of your post I think we most likely play very similar, as you said adjusting your gameplay exploiting weaknesses and doing what it takes to achieve a win.  Sometimes it may mean dying a lot, so be it.  In addition killstreaks have been made so weak in this game that rarely will any be game changing.



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              43. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

              You are correct.. however my post was not aimed at campers, nor was it aimed at rushers.  It was aimed at anyone who is not playing for the team win.


              I do not play that way, neither does Ghamorra (I know this from personal experience... we have played together many times).  Although we have different styles of play, we do both play for the win.


              Again, I totally agree that someone who is sitting in a non-relevant corner is not helping... but just because someone is not rushing, does not mean they are sitting in that obscure corner. I am not sure you are saying that, but one should not jump to extremes.


              And as others have stated in this and many posts (and this comment is meant to you, Ghamorra, and anyone else who is in the camper vs rusher debate of any sort):  Give it a rest, it is a game, and nothing anyone can do or say is going to make you play differently.  If something is working for you, so be it. There is no "right way to play", and unless or until someone is paying you to play the game, anyone who poo-poos on your game style can...


              Suck it

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                44. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                All I know is people should seriously stop complaining about campers and rushers and any other play style I am too lazy to name lol.

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                  45. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                  A genius can figure out a way to strategically open a door in less time then it takes to actually open a door. A guy strategizing how to play a video game really doesnt take much thought either,


                  As for typing up that whole page worth of information, it could take less than a minute. A guy I used to work with used to make us laugh by typing up an entire email and sending it while staring at the ceiling.


                  So no, it doesnt mean he doesnt have a life some people can multitask.


                  But Yeah we dont need another camper/ anti camper thread on the forum. Especially a (part 2). Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and anyone is also allowed to play whatever way he wishes.

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                    46. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                    I agree.


                    I don't understand why oldurtay felt like you didn't address the 2 cap situation. When you're moving from camp spot to camp spot, you should be taking out opponents. What does he think those opponents are aiming for? the D flag? They're vying for the B flag or they are trying to get behind your team to get into the C flag so that, during the distraction of trying to retain C, their teammates cap B. A lot of rushers will go for C thinking that their distractions will allow their teammates to cap B. The problem is, with randoms, the teammates never go for B. They try to show they're just as elite as the rusher trying to go for C and, so, they follow him into C.


                    In any case, a guy camping C effectively will be able to stop them dead in their tracks ... unless, of course, his team opts to do the unwise move of going for A.


                    Triple caps shouldn't be attempted unless you're up against some complete noobs.

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                      47. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                      adw1983 wrote:


                      Campers NEED rushers.

                      Rushers don't need campers.


                      Campers are leechers, and they feed on fun.

                      In a lobby full of campers and a handful players that move, only the campers are having any fun.


                      In a lobby full of campers, without moving players, nobody is having fun -- and the players that stop camping first loses.

                      Campers rely on their teammates not camping and on their teammates' skill, not their own skill, and rely on the opponents not camping.


                      Obviously you never played Bog, Ambush, or Pipeline in COD4. Obviously you never played Fuel or Wasteland in MW2. Obviously you never played a myriad of maps from pre-BO2 games. There have been a lot of maps that provided sniper v sniper matches just as often as they were rusher v camper maps.

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                        48. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                        Oldurtay ... I think everyone is trying to engage you in a good conversation. And I think they are doing so because they've all been where you are now, under the belief that caps > kills in Dom (or any other objective mode, for that matter).


                        That's just simply not true. At the end of the day, as you aptly keep reminding us ... the win is what matters. There's not a guy in this thread that won't go 25 - 40 ... if he has to.


                        The thing about it is, that when you get to 15 -15 during the match? You should recognize that something is not working and try a different approach. You're on the cusp of being a Dom player that goes way positive, gets tons of caps, and tons of kills. From gamers to another gamer - we'd love to see you do that.


                        Going 25 - 40 means that the other team is calling in score streaks. Those guys you were playing, they were not playing for the win. For them to be all 3.0+, that tells me those are the kind of guys that get the easy B & C caps then wait for teams like yours to feed them kills. Once that happens, they then bring in the streak rewards to hold down the rest of the match. Someone on your team, probably you, kept flanking them and interrupting their hold on their flag. That allowed them to keep their kills up, but kept distracting from the B flag. That's how you won. I don't even need to see footage of it.


                        There's nothing wrong with that, we're just saying ... there's a better way. This is why I say that KDR, on its own, tells you nothing about the player you are up against. Those guys are probably below average players with a plan. That's how powerful plans can be. Their plan doesn't account for every possible offense the opposing team puts forth. What Ghamorra offers DOES account for whatever the opposing team might throw at you. Had you been against someone using G's approach, your flanking would not have been successful. Worse, his team would have used their streaks more wisely, undoubtedly. For example, they would not have had two players dropping streak rewards on B at the same time.


                        There's a difference between blind rushing and blind camping and tactical rushing and strategic camping.

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                          49. Re: Inside the mind of a camper (Part 2)

                          theroc23 wrote:


                          C'mon, guys! Let's not forget that the self-righteous "rushers" are always in the right. LOL! Never mind the fact that the biggest fallacy in the game involves "rushers"accusing other players of camping even though accused player, who happens to be a rusher too, just happened to not be foolishly running down ab open choke-point when they killed the accuser. Nothing short of know nothing, megalomaniacal fools.

                          ive been accused of camping by campers before. they spent the entire game trying to hide from me. Id go in, clear them out and then look for their new camp spot and repeat. I didnt camp at all, yet I still get called one.

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